January 23, 2015

Life Lately // Coffee Date

I just love this Coffee Date linkup that Jenna hosts for a chance to catch up on life.  These are the posts I'll love looking back on to see where I was at different points in life.  One of the many reasons I love blogging!

Chris is in Arizona for some pre-Spring Training workouts for three weeks, which leaves me at home bored.  Okay, not really bored.  I actually have a to-do lists of a billion things to do before we officially leave for the season in the middle of February.  Some of which are fun things like finish re-reading all the Harry Potter books which was one of my offseason goals that hasn't been completed.  I also really do enjoy getting our home organized and packing for the season.  I guess my love for organization is helpful.  I plan on posting a very detailed packing list soon in hopes to help out some fellow baseball ladies!

This offseason has absolutely flown by.  Part of me is getting antsy to be back on the road, travel, and reunite with our baseball friends.  The other part just is not ready to leave home.  I love our offseason routine.  I love getting to pretend to be normal for a few months with regular jobs that don't include dinner at midnight and waking up at lunch.  I love being close to family, living in our home, and teaching preschool.  But that is why I love professional baseball life so much.  We honestly get the best of both worlds.  We get to live "normal lives" during the offseason, but also get a season full of adventure, traveling to new places, and new friendships.

I started The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst this week as part of The Imperfect Vessel's Winter Book Study.  We had our first Facebook chat last night about the first part of the book and it was so fun to chat with others who are reading the book.  The Internet can be pretty awesome and encouraging sometimes!

Last weekend we hosted the 11th Grade Girls in our home for a weekend city-wide retreat in our hometown called Disciple Now.  Pretty much all of the churches participate, and spend the weekend worshipping and doing different service projects.  Spending the weekend with high school girls was so fun for me! Even though I still may or may not be recovering from the lack of sleep.  It is so neat to see where they are individually in their faith and remember where I was at their age.  Poor Chris got a glimpse of what life is like with teenage girls, ha!

So to elaborate on life in our baseball world... We always get asked around this time each year where we will be next season.  And all we know as of now is that we will spend middle of February to beginning of April in Arizona for Spring Training.  After that, we won't know our next destination until the day before we leave.  Yes, it is a bit of a hectic time, but it is also just part of baseball life that we've learned to roll with.  We have guesses of where we will be, obviously.  But we will not know 100% until the day before Chris gets on an airplane to report to his team.  Prayers are always appreciated for my sanity during Spring Training and my desire to speculate things that are impossible to speculate.  I will brag on myself and say that I've matured in my baseball wife duties.  The thought of finding a place to live with a few days notice isn't nearly as scary as it was going into our first Spring Training.  I was miserable and mortified that first year.  Going into year three makes this all seem like I have it under control...as much as you can have baseball life under control that is.

So all that rambling to say: we will be in Arizona for Spring Training and then who knows! That is the adventure of Minor League Baseball.

Thanks for reading my ramblings if you've made it this far.  Sometimes it is just fun to ramble about life... Thanks Jenna!

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