January 28, 2015

Living on Purpose // Wednesday's Words

Welcome to the first Wednesday's Words linkup of 2015 with Jenni and me! We are so excited to read your words and how you are living purposefully in different areas of your life.   I love this topic because my word for 2015 is intentional.  I'm striving to be intentional is the everyday, daily parts of life.  I want to live a life that is purposeful for the Lord; not to meet my own needs but the needs of others.

There are so many areas in my life where see places that I could strive to be more purposeful, but I have narrowed it down to my five that I want to focus on in 2015.  Some areas just require simple changes like switching TV for Reading, while others are a complete lifestyle change.  I want to be the best steward of the time the Lord gives me as possible.  Here are the ways I've come up with to do that best!

The time I spend with the Lord each day is something I am trying to be very intentional about in 2015.  I'm striving to spend more time journalling, praying, and just spending time in the word.  It is amazing the difference in my days when I spend time with the Lord than the days when my to-do list gets in the way.

One of my goals in 2015 is to read the entire Bible.  The She Reads Truth app is making that so easy thanks to the 365 Days of Truth study.  I want to be intentional in knowing God's word and the best way for me to do that is read it daily! I want to be purposeful in my scripture reading and memorization.

I want to blog about things with purpose.  Sure, there is a time for recipe posts and posts that catch up on life, but I want to make sure this online space has a purpose that is bigger than my enjoyment that comes from blogging.  I want this space to be a place of encouragement and full of truth.

This is a huge area that I want to be purposeful in this year.  God gave me a body to use for His glory, and that body works a lot better when I am exercising and eating healthy. More on this to come, but I really want to strive to live a healthy lifestyle so that my body is ready to serve in whatever way I am needed.

Probably my biggest area of improvement, is I want to be purposeful with my time.  I don't want to waste away days watching mindless TV (cough cough baseball season) when I could be doing something purposeful for the glory of God.  Even if it just replacing reading the Bible or faith-based books instead of watching Netflix, that is a change towards purposeful.  My goal is to be aware of every minute the Lord has given me, and to look for ways to use my time to honor Him best.  Reading The Best Yes has really opened my eyes to how important our schedules are to the Lord.

What areas of life are you seeking to be more purposeful in? I know for me, it is so easy to get caught up in the motions of just living rather than living on purpose.  For me, it has taken learning that it takes effort to live on purpose.  It is much easier to go through the motions and watch Netflix.  It takes effort to be purposeful, but that effort is what makes life well lived.  I would be shocked for any one of you to tell me that you would rather live a life without purpose than a life with purpose.  It is hardwired into our brains to serve some type of purpose.  I mean that is why the Lord put us on the Earth and all.  So let's strive together to live life on purpose rather than just life!

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