January 19, 2015

When life gives you lemons...

You know those days when you are just in a funk? When it seems like you can't catch a break and frustration starts to set in? I'm starting realize that I have so much control on my attitude during these kind of days.  A few simple solutions can actually help me avoid the funk altogether on those days. So I came up with a list of ways to turn the lemons into lemonade!

Attitude of Gratitude // When I stop and write down the small blessings in the otherwise "funky" days, it is the fastest way to bring me back to reality of my ungrateful heart.  The Lord's grace is so sweet y'all!  When I'm stuck on focusing on myself and forget all that He has provided, He still loves me.

Pray Through // I'm going to be honest and say that prayer is not my first reaction when I'm frustrated.  But when I can stop myself in the frustration and talk it through with the Lord, my attitude changes.  It is like an automatic calming mechanism.

Take a Breath // Whether this is taking a short cat nap, reading a book, or drinking a cup of coffee.  Sometimes just doing something you enjoy for a few minutes can change your outlook on the day.  To-do lists can go on hold, despite what I like to tell myself.

So how do you turn days that give you lemons into lemonade? You want to know something ironic? I actually prefer eating lemons over drinking lemonade...but for sake of analogy I went with it! 

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