January 12, 2015

When Words are Hard + My 2015 Word

Well hello there blog world...

After a little break with a few scattered post here and there, I'm actually excited to write again.  A combination of my desire to balance being present in real life and my heart stirring with things that I just wasn't ready to share made a break good!

But I think I'm ready... But ready in a different way.

I'm ready to share when I want to share.  And I'm ready to share what is on my heart.  I want to take an approach to this little online corner of mine of vulnerability and of purpose.  I love this space because I can be creative and it gives me some form of structure during baseball season when I crave routine.  But I want this space to be an encouraging place, a place that shares truth and hope and not so many "filler" posts.  So that is my goal for Seasons with the Strattons in 2015.  Sure, I will still share recipes and cookbook reviews, but my prayer is that I can be open and honest in hopes to encourage others.

One of my goals this year is to write everyday.  Just write something...whether it is a prayer, thoughts on life in general, or whatever the Lord has laid on my heart that day.  I'm praying that these journals will be full of encouraging thoughts that I can share with you after polishing them from the chicken scratch that comes from my heart.  I've started a list of topics I want to write about, and I can't wait to see how the Lord uses those topics.

I've also been giving a lot of thought to my one word for 2015.  The word that I want to spend the year focusing on and praying over, and that word is intentional.  I want to live an intentional year full of investing in others and loving the ability to meet their needs.  I want to live for others and not for myself this year.  I want to have more of a purpose than sitting on the couch watching Netflix to pass the days during baseball season.  I want to find a purpose when I don't feel like I really have one, because the Lord has a purpose for each season of life.  More on this to come, but this year I want to be intentional!

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