February 18, 2015

Choosing Romans 15:13 // Wednesday's Words

Well friends, baseball season is officially here.  Chris and I made it to Arizona yesterday afternoon after somehow getting to the airport with completely frozen roads at 4:00 AM, a minor scare once at the airport when I thought I left my driver's license in the hotel room, and a slight jog to catch our connecting flight in Chicago... we made it.  Only to realize that the team forgot to book us a hotel which happened to be sold out and me accidentally dropping my phone completely shattering it which led to a trip to the AT&T store and a new phone.  After a few calls, our relator got us in to our condo a night early and we were both asleep before 9:00.

But we are here, and baseball season starts this afternoon and I'm determined to have a good attitude. The start of baseball seasons are always hard for me.  I am a home body who misses my family and our house.  It also doesn't help that our pups had to sit Spring Training out.  And now that we are going into our third baseball season, the excitement of our new adventure has worn off.  So that is why Romans 15:13 is my verse of this season.  I am determined to be joyful and intentional this season.

My word for 2015 is intentional.  And I don't get an excuse during baseball season.  So here is to a season full of joy, being intentional, and trusting in the Lord.

In Wednesday's Words news, be sure to join us next Wednesday for our linkup! The topic is "Surrendering our Fears" and you are welcome to use this picture in your post if you want to!

I can't wait to see what the Lord has on your heart about surrounding your fears, because it has something that has been heavy on my heart recently.  Be sure to link up your posts next week and share using #wednesdayswords.  Jenni and I can't wait to have you!

Wednesday's Words

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