April 24, 2015

Oh Hello, Season Three

Well hello there! Since I last blogged, two months ago, we have moved from Mississippi to Arizona to Virginia and started our third baseball season.

So let's backtrack a little bit.  Spring Training in Arizona was wonderful.  I just love getting to spend February and March in a place that is 80 degrees and sunny.  Chris got to experience his first Big League Spring Training and absolutely loved it! A little baseball clarification, there is a separate Minor League and Major League Spring Training.  Chris got a non-roster invite to this year's Big League Spring Training.  It was a great experience for him to be on the Big League side and meet all the guys and learn how things work over there.  Let's just say, he never wanted to go back to the Minor League side ever.  There is definitely a difference ha!

So the last week of Spring Training is always super stressful for us Minor League families that don't have contracts that dictate where we spend the season.  So a few days before Chris hopped on a plane, we were told we would start the 2015 season in Richmond, Virginia with the Flying Squirrels.  We actually got to spend the end of last season here thanks to our first in-season call up.  It was a great feeling coming back to a place that we actually recognized.  I was able to find a great apartment that let's us have our dogs.  Having our pups definitely helps keep me sane when Chris is on long road trips.

The season has gotten off to a pretty smooth start.  I credit that to us having our "baseball season" routine as stable as any baseball routine can be since we've done this two seasons.  I also credit it to actually coming back to a place we have spent some time.  I don't feel like the adjustment has taken as long, and we have already settled into a good routine.

So that catches you up on the life of the Strattons in the past two months.  I plan on being a consistent blogger again, but I also plan on soaking up our real life here and focusing on enjoying our baseball community this season!

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